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I'm getting teamcity set up for a couple projects of mine, one is using rspec, but lack of ownership for the database for that particular application makes running rspec specs through 'rake spec' undesireable. As a work around I have created a rake task to invoke the ruby command with specs being passed in as an argument. This is working rather well, but it seems like the rspec reporter loses sight of the specs being run in this manner. The build log is displaying information about the specs being run as you would see in a terminal window, but there is no tests passed/failed information on the build nor in depth test run analysis.

an example of the rake task would be something like

task :run_tests do
  system 'ruby spec/models/yada.rb'

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Sorry for the delay in replying. The responsible developer will be available next week and will investigate the issue.

Generally could you create a task which configure database and will depend on spec task? Can you please also check 'Attached reporter RSpec" is set in the build configuration settings?

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