Problematic Tests

The problematic tests tab was good for highlighting intermittent tests. As far as I can see, as of TeamCity 5.1, this information has been moved onto the "Current Problems" tab, which only displays when the build is failing. It's useful to have visibility on intermittency irrespective of whether the latest build failed or not, so it seems a bit short sighted have made this change. Is there any other way of viewing this information?



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It's been a while since this was posted, but for those who might still be looking for the page:

The Problematic tests page is still available via alink on Current Problems tab of a project.

We had hard time describing what information the page really displays and decided to move it away for the time being.

At some point it should be reincarnated in the scope of the flaky test feature (which you may commanet on/vote for).

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Yes I would like to know    


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