Using Change Log Filter

What are the build numbers that you're supposed to enter in the "Show changes from:", "to:" fields for the Filter in the Change Log tab? I've tried everything I can think of and always get the message "Build with build number xxxx does not exist, showing changes from the first detected change in the changes history."

I'd like to be able to easily find a list of changes between two builds and thought this might help. An even easier UI for getting this list would be a great feature, too.

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Hello Kim,

For example, go to and filter changes from build "134" to "138" works fine.
What format did you use to enter build numbers in fields?

Kind regards,

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Ah - got it!

The configuration that I am using has a custom build number format: {0}(r%build.vcs.number.repos_root%) (where repos_root is the VCS root name). So our build numbers have the format X(rY) where X is the build number and Y is the Subversion revision number. I had tried using X and Y and #X(rY) in the filter without success - it turns out I needed X(rY) (without the #).

Thank you for your help,


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