Restoring TeamCity

I am trying to move TeamCity from one server to  another. I have got it all installed on the new server and have run the  instructions in the help file:
I am running TeamCity 5.1.4 on both servers.
I got a success message on the maintaindb command and then restarted  the TeamCity Web Server in services. However when I login the projects  etc haven't been moved over.
Am I missing something obvious? Can anyone help?

I also posted this on Stack Overflow but it was suggested I ask here!

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Hello Andrew,

Most probablyTeamCity server is not pointed to the correct  <TeamCity Data Directory>. On a running TeamCity server, the currently used data directory can be looked up on the Administration > Server Configuration page.

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Yep that was the problem!!

There are two .BuildServer folders in some instances. I had backed up to the wrong one.

All working now.

Thanks for your help.


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