VCS change blocks downstream builds in build chain

We have a build that runs tests and a build that deploys successfully tested code to an environment where people can look at the app. The deploy build has a snapshot dependency on the test build, so we only deploy code after it's tested, and we don't deploy broken code.

The issue we have is when someone pushes their changes while the test build is running. At the end of the build, the deploy build doesn't kick off. Instead a new test build kicks off with the newly pushed changes. If, again, someone pushes changes while that build runs, then when it's finished we once again don't get a deploy. Instead a new test build runs.

This sometimes leads to significant delays in deployment.

I'm not sure if this is working as designed, if it's a bug, or if there's something in our configuration we can change to affect this behavior. We've looked through the settings screens and don't see anything that seems relevant.

We're using TeamCity 4.5.6. (I don't know why we're on such an old version but I doubt we'll be able to get upgraded on any reasonable timeframe. Lots of bureaucracy.)

Thanks for any information you can share.

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Hello John,

Looks very much like this fixed issue Unfortunately  the fix is available in TeamCity 5.1.1 release and in TeamCity 6.0 EAP (please see comments to the issue).

Kind regards,


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