Latest EAP: surefire watcher looks for missing files, fails build


I just updated my TeamCity install from a pretty old EAP to the Oct 5 release. Generally, it seems way nicer, but I'm running into a maven / surefire problem.

In my log, at the beginning of a run, I see output like so:

[12:53:19]: [Maven Watcher] project started: com.example:rest.shared:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT
[12:53:19]: [Maven Watcher]
[12:53:19]: ##teamcity[projectStarted projectId='com.example:rest.shared:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT' groupId='com.example' artifactId='rest.shared' testReportsDir0='D:/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/5b0508d672163f41/build/rest.shared/surefire-reports']
[12:53:19]: com.example:rest.shared (4s)
[12:53:19]: [com.example:rest.shared] ##teamcity[importData path='D:/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/5b0508d672163f41/build/rest.shared/surefire-reports' type='surefire']
[12:53:19]: [com.example:rest.shared] Importing data from 'D:/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/5b0508d672163f41/build/rest.shared/surefire-reports' with 'surefire' processor
[12:53:19]: [com.example:rest.shared] Surefire report watcher
[12:53:19]: [Surefire report watcher] Watching paths:
[12:53:19]: [Surefire report watcher] D:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\5b0508d672163f41\build\rest.shared\surefire-reports

However, not all my maven modules actually generate test outputs. As a result, at the end of a build, I get this:

[12:56:31]: Surefire report watcher
[12:56:31]: [Surefire report watcher] 33 file(s) found
[12:56:31]: [Surefire report watcher] D:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\5b0508d672163f41\build\rest.shared\surefire-reports couldn't find any matching files

In other words, the TeamCity maven integration initially decides to watch a location, but this causes the surefire watcher to fail since some of the files are not found. This, in turn, triggers the build to fail.

Is this a known issue? Any idea how I can work around this? One idea that came to mind is disabling the maven watcher => surefire binding and then explicitly configuring the XML report processing, but I can't figure out how to disable the surefire side of things.


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Hi, Patrick.  This is a known issue:  To workaround this please turn off "Fail build if: an error message is logged by build runner"


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