cvspass and Windows

I am trying to set my VCSROOTS that are CVS to use a CVSPASS file except that CVSNT creates the CVSPASS file in the registry. I've tried handjobbing it, but it does not work. What is the best solution to this issue?



Sorry for delay, but why you do not want to specify password right in the Web form?


For one CVS root this is not an issue, but because the people who run our CVS servers are module happy, I have several CVS roots defined and it would be nice to only have to change the password in one place when the password expires. And besides, you offer the functionality. Shouldn't it work if you offer it?


Of course it should, I just wanted to know use case, when it is useful. In fact it should work, so I would recommend to enable debug logging: and send us teamcity-vcs.log (you can use teamcity-feedback[at] for that)


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