[5.1.5] Unable to create Direct3D Device

We are attempting to run some automated tests that get kicked off at the end of a build (via command line runner) and we're running into some issues.

Our project uses a command line runner to run a batch script which builds our solutions (via buildconsole) and then runs a python script which launches the automated testing of our Direct3D based application.  When the project is run from TeamCity the python script is unable to continue due to the following error repoorted back to it from Windows:

Unable to create Direct3D Device

However, if I log into the machine that the agent is running on, and run the batch file from the directory that TeamCity runs it from, our application will launch and our automated testing will start.

Has anyone ever run into this issue?  This occurs on all three of our agents, which are running as systems accounts (Windows 7 64-bit).

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It does not look like TC issue. If TeamCity build agent is installed as a Windows service, service limitations can affect the builds that the agent is running. Please try to check whether it reproduces when TeamCity agent is run via console.

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