Bug or feature? Team city restarts (some) failed builds automatically.

I've noticed that Teamcity (5.1, but it's been doing it in prior version too) will sometimes kick off another build automatically when a unit test fails.   This is rather problematic behaviour when you're dealing with tests that fail intermittently, because it's easy to miss that there was been a failed build prior to the successful build.

Is there a setting to configure this behaviour - i.e. don't launch another run.

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Hello Frederik,

Can you please attach screenshots of Build Triggering settings for this configuration. Please take  a look at build result Overview page in section "Triggered by". What does it say?

Thanks in advance,

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The second screenshot is for the successful build triggered after previous build for that project failed (intermittent) on a unit test.
The "triggered by" part that says  "2 Integration test" is odd, that project is dependent on the project that failed to build, which would make it circular.

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You build is triggered by "GojiLog :: 2. Integration Tests". Please check Build Triggering settings for this configuration.


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