Build triggering not working with TeamCity Enterprise 5.1.5


We are using TeamCity        Enterprise 5.1.5 (build 13602) and we've found that since 1 week ago at least the build triggers used (VCS and Build Dependency Triggers) aren't working:

- VCS checkins (to Subversion in our case) doesn't triggers any build with VCS triggers.
- Manual builds of our projects doesn't triggers other projects with Build Dependency triggers.

We've tried deleting the directory .BuildServer\system\pluginData\customDataStorage\buildTypes (as said on and, and also deleting and redefining the triggers on one project, but with no success so far.

Any ideas?

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Another tip:

Besides our CVS triggers not working, I've found that My Changes page doesn't get updated with my latest CVS checkins, even after selecting Actions > Check for pending changes on that page.

Apart from that, in the Administration > VCS Roots page, the VCS root used shows an updated check time, but Subversion says that there are files to update from the repository.

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Resolved: one week ago our time server went nuts and pushed our TeamCity server clock one month in advance (from october to november) That was the cause to not recognise the changes made into our CVS.

After a restart, all the triggers are running as expected.

Sorry for the incovenience.


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