Error message from control app don't show up in build log


I'm running FluentMigrator.Console as a part of the build process (MsBuild) with TeamCity and I'm getting this output in the build log (as seen on localhost:8080 on the build server):
(_Migrate target) ->

[13:07:09]: EXEC : -- error : An error occured executing the following sql:  [C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\d7104026b14ab70d\trunk\]
[13:07:09]: EXEC : !! An error has occurred.  The error is:   [C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\d7104026b14ab70d\trunk\]

The invocation looks like this in the .build file:
<Exec Command="$(FluentMigratorPath)/Migrate.exe &quot;--target=$(BuildOutputPathBin)/XXXX.Data.Migrations.dll&quot;
    --db=sqlserver2005 &quot;--wd=$(BuildOutputPathBin)&quot; &quot;-c=$(MigrationDb)&quot; --verbose=true" />

And the code that generates that output looks like this:

line 1:   
catch (Exception ex)
    using (var message = new StringWriter())
        message.WriteLine("An error occured executing the following sql: ");
        message.WriteLine("The error was {0}", ex.Message);

this is then written to System.Console.Error : TextWriter.

How do I get the output?

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