no "getting started" doc?

I have just downloaded and installed TeamCity.  I'm new to this product as well as to the field of continuous integration.  I'm very disappointed to find out that there is no "getting started" documentation.  Or, if there is - could you point me to it?

I've looked at your reference doc - it has nothing  to help a new user understand the basic concepts and to create a project.  There are plenty of individual topics, but no way for me to know which topics might be important to look at first.


Mike Maddux

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Hello, Mike.
Currently, the documentation we have assumes that our users are familiar with the concept of continuous integration. On the other hand, from time to time we receive requests to provide a getting started guide. We have plans to create one, and improve current documentation to make it more clear and structured. However, we still have some discussions on what should be included into this document. Therefore, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you about your expectations for the "getting started guide". What I mean is what kind of questions do you have, what topics you would like to be covered, what you find confusing, what kind of instructions/tips you would like to see there, etc. Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated and we'll definitely take them into account.
In the meantime, here are some reference pages you might find useful: - one of the main concepts in TeamCity is Build Configuration
Here you can find information on how to create a project and populate it with build configurations:
I suppose, this particular section might be the one you need now:

Looking forward to your suggestions


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