TeamCity Agents and WakeOnLan

I just had a (hopefully) brilliant idea.  

Can TeamCity be modified to turn off agent machines when they aren't needed?
I have quite a few blades that are idle about 40-99% of the time (depending on the blade and day).  I'd love to turn these off when I don't need them.

In order to do this I need to
1. Turn them 'off' when I've finished using them (put them into Sleep mode)
2. Have TeamCity remember it still has those Agents available rather than have them appear as 'disconnected'  (perhaps a new status of 'sleeping' is needed?)
3. Issue a WakeOnLan packet to the Agent when we want to run a build on them

I could handle steps 1 and 3 myself with some extra plugin code in TeamCity, but step 2 would be a modification of how TeamCity decides if an agent is connected/available so I don't know if that can be a plugin?

Any comments on this?

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I take nothing happened with this brilliant idea over the last almost seven years?


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