Is it possible to have TC simply start/stop an EC2 instance? Not terminate



First, the Amazon EC2 integration is awesome.  So my question is:  can TC start/stop an EC2 instance rather than terminating them?

I know within the TC UI the terms start/stop are used but to EC2 they are implemented as Terminate requests.

My source tree is pretty big and I have to suffer a big vcs transfer to an Agent when they first come online.

If TC simply stopped them and then started them, I would save on that first massive transfer.

It's a small feature but in my situation it would be awesomely usefull.  I don't mind paying the EBS costs for my agent drives when it saves me 15+ minutes for getting Agents online.

Remember, TC rocks!





Stopping is not supported for the time being. Feel free to file a feature request into our tracker.


Just as a note, this feature is supported in version 9.1.7. Looks like it was removed in 10.


Hello Rcontreras,

There were no related changes and this feature should be supported in 10 version. If it does not work for you, please create a new forum thread and post details. Thank you!


Alina, you're correct, I chose an AMI during my configuration instead of an Instance ID so I initially didn't observe the start/stop behavior. Once I switched to an Instance ID the normal idle behavior happened.


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