Mysterious build agent dependency appears after upgrade

After I upgraded from 4.5 to 5.1.5 most of my builds cannot find any compatible agents because of an environment variable dependency that I never added and doesn't appear in the list of custom environment var depencies for the configuration in question.  It looks like this:


The "AUTOBUILD3_OC_42_INTER" part is the name of a perforce clientspec we use.  I'm assuming that this is an environment variable that is set on the build agent before a build starts for use by the build runner but a) I'm not clear why this is a *dependency* and b) the clientspec in the name is not the same clientspec that the build configuration is using anyway.  

Does anyone know how to get around this?  I'm in the process of just adding the environment variable manually as a temporary measure but I'd like a better solution.


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The issue was resolvedin in duplicating message Karim sent to feedback e-mail.

The reference was actually used in artifacts settings.

Vote for TW-9833 to display that info in TeaCity web UI.

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Voted for that issue per your recommendation.  Knowing where it was used would have been a huge timesaver.


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