Inspections Runner: Problem when adding a Flex module to a Java project


We have a Java project for which we run a Team City Inspections Runner.

I would like to know one of the following please:
a) How can I tell the inspections runner the location of the Flex SDK.
or b) How do I exclude a module and/or an SDK reference from the inspections runner?

At the moment the inspections runner fails with "Inspections not collected" and in the log file we see:

[16:46:19]: Please, specify jdk '4.1.0 (player 10)' for module 'flexApp'

I have tried excluding the module from the runner using the "-Didea.exclude.patterns=[flexApp]**" switch but it doesn't make a difference.

I'm also facing a similar problem with the Java duplicates checker.

Thanks in advance.

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