Agents become incompatible: "xmlReportParsing.reportDirs: Report paths must be specified"

Hi all,

Can someone help me?
I am having a critical issue, suddenly all my agents became incompatible with following message:

Missing or invalid build configuration parameters:

xmlReportParsing.reportDirs: Report paths must be specified

This occurs in TeamCity Enterprise 6.0 (build 15772)
I found no way to fix my problem. (it is critical to me)

Restarted build agents, etc.

All build stay in the build queue. What should I do?

Many thanks.

see posted issue:

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In TeamCity 6.0 - When setting 'XML Report Processing' Report type then Report paths may not be empty.

TeamCity 6.0 validates the parameter with following message "Report paths must be specified"
This is not the case when upgrading TeamCity 5.x to 6.0

Hope it helps.



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