New Install Missing Agents


I am new to TeamCity and have just installed the latest version.  UI looks great!  I clicked on the Agents tab and choose "Install Build Agents / Using MS Windows Installer" on my server 2008 machine and went through the installer.  I have confirmed that both the Team City web service and Team City Build Agent services are started however when I refresh the web UI I don't see the Agent.  How do I get the installed agent to show up?

I installed the web UI at

I installed the build server on port 9090




If agent is installed on another machine (not on the PC where the server is installed), it should pass authorization process to be able to run builds. Take a look at subtabs of the Agents tab, probably you'll find the agent in the Unauthorized agents tab.


I installed it on the same machine, is that OK for a light amount of building or to start out?  My Agents tab has the following tabs underneath: Connectined (0), Disconnected (0), Unauthorized (0), Matrix, Statistics, Cloud and under Unauthorized it reads "There are no unauthorized agents found.  Agent licenses left: 3."



Then I would take a look at teamcity-agent.log and teamcity-server.log. Probably there is a reason why agent can't connect to the server.


This looks like it could be it.  I installed on port 8080 so where would I change where the build agent looks for the TeamCity server? i.e probbly needs to look for

[2010-12-06 09:11:04,782]   WARN - buildServer.AGENT.registration - Call buildServer.registerAgent3: org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcClientException: Server returned incorrect status code: 404 Not Found


You need to change serverUrl property in the <agent inst dir>/conf/ file. No need to restart agent, if will re-read properties automatically.


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