Hardware requirements for TeamCity in classroom environment

I'm planning on using TeamCity in a classroom environment with 15 students who will be checking into Subversion and running CI builds from TeamCity.  The builds will likely be simple and consist of compiling a .NET solution and running unit tests.  TeamCity will not be a focus of the class, but will be a tool I use to help demonstrate real-world development processes.  I'm thinking about using the Professional edition with the three build agents running on the same box.  I would also expect the same box to be running Subversion and possibly doing lightweight file/web serving for the class.

What kind of hardware would I need to support this scenario?  How much RAM and processor?  Any other potential issues with this configuration?

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You can browse through the doc on the question. With several agents running on the same machine I'd expect degraded performance for all of them + the same for TeamCity web UI. At least please try to minimize memory swapping. Off the top of my head on memory: 700Mb for the server and 200Mb per agent shold be enough for not large projects and not high load. Several CPU cores for the server and several for each running build is probably a minimum. It's also recommeded to have several phisical disk drives and divide the load between them.


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