Shows pending changes, but doesn't trigger a build

I made the switch to use Microsoft SQL yesterday and ever since doing this it wont automatically trigger builds.  Either from a VCS check out.  Or from completion of a successful build from another project.
Just to check I wasnt going crazy, I removed the file and went back to using the default DB and things started working perfectly again.
Help as I'd like to swap to sql.  I have two agents installed and I've confirmed that they are both compatable with all my build projects.  I'm on 6.0 sorry and sql 2008

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could you please provide us with the TeamCity logs (the teamcity-server.log* files) covering the period of using TC with MS SQL?


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See attached I put one that works and one that didnt.

uShipTrunk should be triggered based on an Mecurial check in.
Post trunk is triggered based off a successful build of uShipTrunk

Neither one works when connected to MS sql

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Hi Andy,

sorry for delay. This case is not one I expected. What kind of VCS do you use? Which triggers have you configured?
Could you please also provide us with the teamcity-vcs.log and teamcity-<vcstype>.log (where vcstype is the VCS you're using) files? (teamcity-<vcstype>.log files are created not for all VCS types).

Thank you,


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