Artifact Syntax not finding files

Running TC Pro 3.1 with a build agent on Win2003

Our nant build outputs work into a directory format as follows

/eventhandling/tc-simlogs /eventhandling/tc-simlogs/peak /eventhandling/tc-simlogs/average The tc-simlogs directory also has several png graphic files created. The goal is to take all the files in the peak and average directories and put them in directories in artifacts, and grab all the png files from tc-simlogs The first objective is fine, however the second is where I keep having problems when I try to specify to only grab the png files My artifacts setting looks like eventhandling/tc-simlogs/peak => peak eventhandling/tc-simlogs/average =>]]> average

When it runs, the agent's log shows this
: Publishing artifacts (<1s)
: Paths to publish:
: Publishing artifacts 'eventhandling/tc-simlogs/peak' to peak
: Publishing artifacts 'eventhandling/tc-simlogs/average' to average
: Publishing artifacts 'eventhandling/tc-simlogs/*.png' to root artifacts directory
: Artifacts path eventhandling/tc-simlogs/*.png not found

Note the last line. But I know there are png files in that directory.

If I explictly name the file, its found without error. Example if I add 'eventhandling/tc-simlogs/all_events.png' to the artifacts, the all_events.png file is found fine. But using *.png does not work

Why will eventhandling/tc-simlogs/*.png not find the file eventhandling/tc-simlogs/all_events.png ?

I had similar problems trying to grab files in another scenario trying to use *-results.txt . Why are my wildcards not finding files?

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So far I cannot reproduce your problem.

Could you try to setup the build agent on another machine (non Win2003) to see if it will reproduce there?

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Hrm - I don't have a linux platform readily available with access to the same area where TeamCity is, along with all the build's dependancies.

So my syntax is correct?

The build agent is running from java 1.6 release 5 and agent version 6760 according to the agent page in TeamCity.

Wildcards just don't seem to be working. So, my question may boil down to what may prevent wildcards from working..

Another tests I've ran

under the agent's work directory, it has a directory eventhandling. In that directory are several csv files. There is also a subdirectory named PostProcessingScripts with lots of files in it.

I setup artifacts to be


The build log looks like

: Publishing artifacts (<1s)
: Paths to publish:
: Publishing artifacts 'eventhandling/*.csv' to root artifacts directory
: Artifacts path eventhandling/*.csv not found
: Publishing artifacts 'eventhandling/mps-list.csv' to root artifacts directory
: Publishing artifacts 'eventhandling/PostProcessingScripts/**' to root artifacts directory
: Artifacts path eventhandling/PostProcessingScripts/** not found

Note, the .csv entry did not catch mps-list.csv, but if I put it explictly like the test above, it does catch it. The eventhandling\PostProcessingScripts\* entry did not catch anything, but if I change it to just 'eventhandling\PostProcessingScripts' it does get all the files in the directory. So \** isn't working for me.

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For the time being I have no idea why this may not work...

We do not tests under Windows 2003, but under Windows XP all works fine.

If you run agent as a service, could you try to launch the agent under usual user account by "bin\agent.bat start" command and check if that helps?

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We are having a very similar problem but in TeamCity 4.5.

We cannot reference **/*.ear, but we can use a wildcard only if we spell out the entire path.  C:\BuildAgent\temp\buildTmp\maven\SolicitationReminderNotifierApp\target\*.ear => SolicitationReminderNotifierApp


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