Remote Run / Pre Tested Commit with Mercurial VCS

Are there plans to add support for Remote Run and/or Pre-Tested Commits using Mercurial as the VCS?
Either using the command-line or the Visual Studio plugin?

If this work is underway is there a way to get access to the beta or EAP version?


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Our current vision is to try implementing remote run feature not using IDE integration, see the corresponding feature request.

This is an ongoing effort and we hope to release the solution in the scope of the next minor TeamCity verison release (e.g. 6.1) - currently planned for the spring.

The feature in development currently covers only git, but will probably get hg support later. Also, we target remote runs for now with commits following (as there can be issues with commits into DVCSes).

EAP releaes will be available via the EAP page that also has links to watch for announcements.

If you have thoughts on how this feature can/should work - please let us know.

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Thanks for the update Yegor. I will keep an eye out for EAP releases.

I am interested to see how you achieve this functionality with DVCS.


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