This is my first time trying to use a continuous integration application and I was trying to have the code deployed to a web server and application server and I am looking for any support/assistance with how to set this up.

- VisualStudio 2010 WebSite Project published to \\webserver1\website1
- VisualStudio 2010 Console Application Project published to \\consoleApplication1\consoleApp
- VisualStudio 2010 Class Lib published to \\webserver1\gacFolder and register COM Interop

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello Nicolas,

TeamCity does not have any bundled deployment tools. If you need to deploy artifacts of a build, the usual approach is to create a Build Configuration that will have a deployment logic implemented and run it when necessary to perform the deployment tasks.

The approach is briefly described in this documentation entry:

Kind regards,



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