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Does TeamCity have some concept of releases?  I'd like to identify a set of particular builds as a "release" to make it easier to track the workflow from testing to production.  This means I'd need the ability to supersede builds, so I can put build #100 of project A into release L and then later say actually build #103 of project A is going in the release instead (so just tagging the builds isn't really enough).  Is there any feature in TeamCity that fits with this model or am I going to have to do it with a plugin?

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

So far there is no dedicated "release" support, however you can use some of the features to approach it.

You can probably make use of artifact dependencies on last pinned builds. Also, (since 5.1.x if I am not mistaken) you can trigger a build pushing a specific build as a dependency (via run custom build dialog).

It would be interesting to elaborate on how can we improve this. If you can describe how the related feature can look like, please do.
This seems to be inline in what we discussed in another thread and the related issue I filed.


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