Perforce label does not set p4 revision number

I'm running release candidate build manually (no build triggers configured) for specific perforce branch every time I need a release candidate.
TeamCity is configured to make a perforce label in case build was successful.
TeamCity correctly detects change lists submitted to that branch and displays corresponding revision numbers.
The problem is: created p4 label does not specify revision number:
Here's the expected label definition printed by command: p4 label "release_1.6.14"

Label:  release_1.6.14
Update: 2010/12/01 10:35:50
Access: 2010/12/01 19:37:56
Owner:  buildserveraccount
View:         //depot/myproject/release/r1.6/...
Revision:       @1234

Hoewver the last bit (Revision) is missing in label generated by TeamCity.
Do I miss anything in the configuration or this is a bug?

TeamCity: Version 5.1.2 (build 13430)


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Sorry for the delay in replying.

Can you explain why the revision is important? How do you use it?

You can file an issue to set it into our issue tracker.

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You are right, having revision in label  it's not that important for a tag but it's only needed for p4 'automatic label'. Having read p4 label doc carefully I've realized the difference between label, automatic label and tag.  So problem is 'solved' then. Thanks


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