6.0 Reporting Failed but no error?

Since upgrading to 6.0  (build 15772) I have had a few builds fail but I can't see any error in the log.

I am using an MSBUild runner that has been working fine for months.

The start of the log is

Build 'Merlot Main :: 3.0 Build (YY)' #
Started 'Fri Dec 17 03:46:06 NZDT 2010' on 'DEV02' by 'Subversion'
Finished 'Fri Dec 17 04:32:49 NZDT 2010' with status 'ERROR Failure'
TeamCity URL http://<BuildServer>/viewLog.html?buildId=4843&buildTypeId=bt12

[03:46:06]: bt12
[03:46:06]: Skip checking for changes - changes are already collected
[03:46:08]: Clearing temporary directory: D:\Program Files\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp
[03:46:09]: Checkout directory: D:\Program Files\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\67898283cc5e77a4
[03:46:09]: Updating sources: server side checkout...
[03:46:09]:  [Updating sources: server side checkout...] Building incremental patch for VCS root: SVN 3.0
[03:46:33]:  [Updating sources: server side checkout...] Repository sources transferred: 176.18Kb total
[03:46:34]:  [Updating sources: server side checkout...] Updating D:\Program Files\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\67898283cc5e77a4
[03:46:34]: Build preparation done
[03:46:34]: Starting: "D:\Program Files\TeamCity\buildAgent\plugins\dotnetPlugin\bin\JetBrains.BuildServer.MsBuildBootstrap.exe" "/workdir:D:\Program Files\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\67898283cc5e77a4" /msbuildPath:C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\MSBuild.exe
[03:46:34]: in directory: D:\Program Files\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\67898283cc5e77a4
[03:47:33]: Targets was not defined in the build configuration.
[03:48:26]: Build\BuildAll.proj.teamcity
[03:48:26]:  [Build\BuildAll.proj.teamcity] Build project file: D:\Program Files\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\67898283cc5e77a4\Build\BuildAll.proj.teamcity
[03:48:26]:  [Build\BuildAll.proj.teamcity] Build target(s): Run
[03:48:26]:  [Build\BuildAll.proj.teamcity] Run
[03:48:28]:   [Run] Message

and ends with:

[04:32:40]:      [Exec] The command completed successfully
[04:32:49]: Process exited with code 0
[04:32:49]: Publishing artifacts
[04:32:49]:  [Publishing artifacts] Paths to publish: [teamcity-info.xml]
[04:32:49]:  [Publishing artifacts] Sending files
[04:32:49]: Build finished

The only thing I can see that may be causing the failure report is:

[04:28:43]:      [Exec] D:\Program Files\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\67898283cc5e77a4\Build\BuildAll.proj(220, 9): warning MSB3073: The command ""xxxxx"" exited with code 1.
[04:28:43]:      [Exec] The previous error was converted to a warning because the task was called with ContinueOnError=true.
[04:28:43]:      [Exec] Build continuing because "ContinueOnError" on the task "Exec" is set to "true".

The task does fail intermitentently but it's not essential so I  have set "ContinueOnError" to "true":

<Exec ContinueOnError="true"
              Command="xxxxx" />

Anyone else experiencing this? Is it a bug?



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