Perforce does not sync 1 file

Im haveing issues checking out of perforce.

In perforce I had 2 files Basic.PNG and Basic.png. I had to remove both files and commit just Basic.png

If I check out to my workspace, the file exist.
When TemCity checks out by client mapping, the file doe not exist.

I tried to delete full directory, but that file is somehow excluded from checkout.

Is there a way to force sync?

BTW. If I llook at the changes in TC, I see the following:

Status:                       no builds with this change has started yet (3 pending)

The Projects screen does not show any pending changes.

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Most likely the problem is not with TeamCity, as TeamCity perforce integration uses perforce command line to checkout files. My guess is that you probably use Linux and checkout of such file works ok for you, while TeamCity or build agent where build is running is installed on Windows which does not distinguish case in file names and treats them as the same file.

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Thsnk you for the reply.

I use Windows for both TC and dev
I also cleaned source dir and moved it a few times on the agent.

Eventually it worked (lost half a day).... But i still dont know wy.


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