Run button doesn't trigger and 'check for pending changes'?

This is a Feature Request I think.

One of our users was working with TeamCity and kept checking in changes to Accurev then immediately pressing the Run button in TeamCity and then getting confused because their latest changes were not being used. I have explained to them that they need to choose 'check for pending changes' to be sure that TeamCity builds with their latest changes.

Of course if they were more patient TeamCity would eventually pick up their changes and (because we have the VCS Trigger set up) automatically start a build/test.

One confusing thing is the language used in the Custom Build dialog, because it says "Latest changes at the moment the build is started" which isn't quite true... more accurately it is "Latest changes that TeamCity is aware of at the moment the build is started" because it does not actually check for pending changes when the build is started.

Is it possible to change the Run button so that it does a 'check for pending changes' and then runs? Or put that as an option in the Custom Build dialog?

This would help for our impatient user ;-)

Many thanks,


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I think this issue is Accurev specific. TeamCity should behave exactly the way as your "impatient" developer expects. When build starts it should pass thru the checking for changes stage (you should see "Checking for changes" at the beginning of the build log). If this is not the case, probably you should take a look at teamcity-vcs.log or at Accurev plugin sources. As this is a third party plugin we do not have a clue where the problem is.

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Hi Pavel,

That is good to know! We have edited and recompiled the Accurev plugin before so we can potentially fix this for ourselves.

Its possible that this is a simple misunderstanding in the Accurev plugin.




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