Plans for VMWare-based cloud support

Hi, my company is evaluating the possibility to move our build agents on a virtual infrastructure. The Amazon cloud is not a viable option due to security policies and a in-house solution is preferred.

I would like more details about the current status and the roadmap for the VMWare plugin, as it's the one we are going to evaluate.



Simone, sorry for delay.

Currently we do not have specific plans for the VMWare clouds support. It would be great to hear requirements on such integration. Right now agents can be started in VMWare machines without TeamCity itself. TeamCity could provide an ability to shutdown unneeded agents or start new if they are required. But it is not clear whether it worths efforts from our side. Why not have all the agents online all the time?


Hi Pavel, the main reason to let TeamCity handle startup and shutdown of virtual agents according to the load on the build server is to save resources.In a wider plan of setting up a virtual infrastructure - not just for the build environment - saving resources when not needed would be a selling point.
The other reason is for simpler management of agent images. I didn't have a chance of experimenting with the current EC2 built-in support, so I might be saying something obvious, but I would like to be able to make changes to the image/s from which virtual agents are created and let TC do the rest, instead of manually propagating the changes to the running agents somehow.

I would like to hear your opinion on this.


Isn't it already possible with VMWare administration tools to update the images and then restart instances from the updated images? The only thing TeamCity could bring here is the control when such restart must be done to avoid builds interruption. But in many cases there is a time when most of the agents are idle, so this task can possibly be solved and automated without TeamCity server.


I don't know for sure but yes, I guess it's possible to do that, although I guess it's the same for EC2. As I said the automatic management performed by TC server would not only prevent us to do it manually, but also to provide an adaptable behavior depending on the load.


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