VCS Labeling for Multiple Directories

I am currently trying to enable VCS labeling with SVN. I am having some troubles getting this to work. Currently I am trying to label a source that has this structure.

- trunk
- dir1
- dir2
- dir3
- dir...

In my checkout rules I have:


as I only want/need those two directories. In the VCS root I have:

dir1 => /tags
dir2 => /tags

but it is telling me they cannot both go to the same directory. The output I would like to have is

- tags
- {labeling pattern}
  - dir1
  - dir2

Is there any way this can be accomplished? Is there another way I should be approaching this?


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Hello Adam,

  I'm afraid TeamCity won't allow you to copy 2 folders under the selected destination.
  With your rules, TeamCity tries to put contents of dir1 and dir2 under
  tags/{labeling pattern}, and it is not allowed.

  I'd recommend to put dir1 and dir2 to a separate folder in your SVN repository and use this folder in labeling rules.

  joined => /tags

  Best regards,


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