How to remote copy a built file.


Is there a way to remote copy, deploy, csp, ftp a file to a remote server. We want to build and when the build is sucessful to be copied to the development or test servers (in our case is a .war file to be hot deployed into the tomcat farm)

Thank you.

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I'm afraid TeamCity doesn't offer such capabilities.
We have a related feature request filed for this. You can watch/vote/comment on it.

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Can you deploy a war file to a local Tomcat 7 installation then?  I would have thought this is a common requirement, to have TeamCity 6 deploy a war file directly to a running Tomcat so that people have immediate access to whatever version was just built.  I am trying to do this with an IntelliJ .idea project and TeamCity 6.  What is the procedure that I need to follow to perform this task?


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