Using a RamDisk for TeamCity temp folder


To limit TeamCity IO, and provide better performance, I think about using a RamDisk for the TeamCity temp folder. But this means limited free space. Does TeamCity handle that kind of situation well ? I mean: if I provide a Ramdisk folder of 4Go, TeamCity will fill it no matter when. What will happen at this moment ?

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Sorry for delay. In case if there is not enough disk space in the temp directory, TeamCity behavior is unspecified. Most likely there will be errors during changes collecting, i.e. builds won't start.
Actually I think TeamCity IO operations are not so intensive. To my opinion it is simpler to add one more hard drive and mount it under the temp directory than configuring RamDisk or to give TeamCity more memory. Also another hard drive can be used for .BuildServer directory because under the .BuildServer/system TeamCity stores build logs and artifacts.

Anyway, if you experience slowdown, please let us know. The problem can be not IO related at all.

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As I was expecting problem, it's exactly what I have done: use another disk which is dedicated to all temp data, and so TramCity's one.

We have slowdown, but I don't think there is a TeamCity issue: the server lack some memory due to too numerus services (SQL Server, TFS, TeamCity, etc.).


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