Exact details of 'version is more than' Agent Requirement?

I have looked at http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TCD6/Configuring+Agent+Requirements and the "version is more than" comparison looks very useful.

The docs say:

compares versions of a software. Multiple formats are supported including "."-delimited, leading zeroes, common suffixes like "beta", "EAP".

Which suffixes are supported? Some software we have tends to use the odd letter at the end e.g. 3.1.2f  and whilst we don't usually care which 'letter' version it is I would want the version comparison to still work e.g.

3.1.2f 'version is more than' 3.1  would be True.

Does it just ignore all alphabetic characters at the end, or do they contribute to the comparison in some way?

Many thanks,


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Version comparator splits string into number of tokens. Each token type has its weight in comparison.

snap, snapshot < m < eap < alpha, a < beta, betta, b < rc < sp < rel, release, r, final < WORD < DIGITS
where words comparered alphabetically, digits compared as digits

So, 1.1e < 1.1g, 1.1e > 1.0f, 1.0a == 1.0alpha, 1.0a < 1.0.1, 1.0beta < 1.0rel, 1.0snapshot20101231 < 1.0b, 1.0sometext < 1.0 and so on...

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That's just what I was looking for, thank you for the detailed response!


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