What's the best practice around passing VS2008_Path to a build?

Our msbuild builds make use of the VS2008_Path agent parameter.  With the latest TeamCity version this variable has been moved to a Configuration Parameter and therefore is not available in msbuild scripts by default.  My question is, what's the best practice around making this available as msbuild properties?  

My preference would be to create an msbuild property in my script that derives from the VS90COMNTOOLS environment variable, like so:


VS90COMNTOOLS is available on dev machines as VS puts it there at install time, so that's convenient.  Or is it better to create a VS2008_Path environment variable or system property in the build config?  What's the tradeoffs?


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You may create build system property on "6. Properties and Environment Variables" section of build configuration administration. All those properties will be available as MSBuild properties.
For your case: Create property: VS2008_Path with value: %env.VS90COMNTOOLS%\..\IDE

Here %env.VS90COMNTOOLS% is the reference to VS90COMNTOOLS environment variable on the build agent machine.
Please have a look to the documentation on the references at http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TCD6/Configuration+and+Build+Parameters


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