merging dependency changes

I have 2 configurations, the first one builds binaries and the second one executes tests on these binaries.

Each one has different VCS roots.
The first one has all the source the second one only the test scripts.

If a users changes source then a new binary is generated and used as an dependency by the test profile.

When the test fails there is no direct indication why, since there was no changes in the test scripts (but the changes was in the dependency)

Is there a way to merge any dependency changes and display it on the main page and email these users on failure etc ?

I can see that i could write some custom code using the REST api to email the users myself by figuring out the dependencies and then the changes/users but from the web view the user will have to go to the dependencies tab and look at the changes from there.

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You can use Snapshot Dependencies for that: make your Tests configuration depend from Binaries configuration by a snapshot, and attach Binaries VCS root to Tests configuration (use checkout rules to put sources into separate folder). Then all changes in Binaries code become a part of Tests build too. A drawback is additional workload to VCS.

There is TW-2576 for this request, and TW-3883 specifically for notifications. Please vote/comment.


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Thanks but the while idea was only to move the binaries to the test machines not all the source code.

I have thought about synching the source code as well but it is not really a good solution.


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