Problem in getting Artifacts using Build runner type: Visual Studio Solution File

I am new to TeamCity. I am using Build step using Visual Studio solution file. I want to configure Artifact path so that I can get the output of my compilation somewhere in Artifact folder. I could't understand from the TeamCity documentation :)
I have following configuration. But not getting any artifact.

Artifact paths:- /MyProject/bin/Release/*.* => PublishDir
Build Runner : Visual Studio(sln)
Build file path: \Successor\Successor.sln
Targets: Rebuild
Configuration: Release
Platform: x86

Whats wrong here?

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Artifact paths: MyProject/bin/Release/*.* => PublishDir
Build file path: Successor\Successor.sln
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yes, you need to specify relative paths. Builds can be performed on different agents, and sources are checked out into different directories.


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