Feature suggestion - mark failed tests as "being fixed" and "fixed (pending retest)"

We (sadly) have some automation test projects that take a long time to execute (some hours). Our usual workflow when some tests fail is to divvy up the failing tests, fix them locally, check in the code then wait a couple of hours for the next time the tests execute. During this time its easy to get confused about who is fixing which test, and to keep track of which tests have re-executed since being fixed. It would be awesome if I could mark a test as "being fixed by X" so that people could see that the test was not being ignored. Once checked in, I'd like to be able to mark it as "fixed (pending retest)" so that it could be ignored, until it either passes on the next run, or fails (in which case it should revert to failed and ideally the fixer would be notified).

Of course the best thing to do would be to get our build/test cycle for Selenium tests down to a number of seconds instead of hours. Good luck with that!

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Hi Harry

It's possible since TeamCity 5.0, take a look at screenshot.



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