Does TC 6.x support static views with ClearCase 7.0.1? or only dynamic?

I am trying to use a static view on my TeamCity server but can't get past setting up the VCS root because of this error: "Directory "X:\eden2.abarans1" does not exist or TeamCity server is running under a user that has no access to this directory"

Now I am also using a dynamic view on the same TC server for other build configurations and that works just fine, its only the static view that is causing problems, the owner of both views is the same user as runs the TC server process.

Unfortunately the documentation is less than complete on this topic as it doesn't say anything about dynamic vs. static views on what is or isn't supported and how. :(

Is there something I need to set to use a static view?

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Do I understand correctly that you mean "snapshot" view? If it so, TC supports both snapshot and dynamic views.

Did you start TC as service or from command line script?

Does this problem occur with other directories (on other disks)?

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static = snapshot view :) sorry for the mix up.

I've actually found my problem... when I logon interactively on the machine it maps a drive letter to the view location on the C: drive, which isn't visible to the process running the Agent, by replacing the mapped drive with the full path on the C-drive the error goes away.



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