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We've decided to use TeamCity to automate our builds.  Unfortunately, we're having severe performance issues with the TeamCity server.  When builds are triggered, they go into the build queue, but they are very slow to get assigned to an agent.  We're running 5.0.2 (build 10784) on a Windows Server 2008.  I've attached the thread dump.  The tasks in the build queue are capable of running on 4 or 5 different agents, all of which are idle.  While we have support, the last support request I entered apparently went into a black hole because I never heard a response.  I'm hopeful I'll receive a reply to my latest support request, but figured it would be worth posting here as well.  We'll greatly appreciate any help.


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I see you also asked this question by email.

As Pavel said, please provide us additional info on your snapshot dependency configuration.
Or wait till 6.0.2 release - it will contain some performance-related fixes.



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