Scripted / automated build configuration creation using a template?

I have a large collection 300+ of C++ SLN that I need to build, now the good news is that I've been able to create a template for these that I can use to create a build configuration in TC. However even with the template it will take me roughtly 84hrs to create all the projects in TC and that's just for a single build configuration, and I need to run 5+ build configs for each of the C++ projects. As you can imagine that's doesn't scale very well...

Does TC provide an API of some sorts to create / update build configurations? Ideally this API should allow me to create new build configurations from a template in TC and modify the VCS root settings for the build config.

In the past I've used BuildForge for large scale automation because of the programmable API which allowed me to automate the creation and maintenance of projects, unfortunately I haven't seen anything like that in TC yet.

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We have such request in TW-8394, please vote.

Developing a server plugin would be most reliable solution. createProject method within Server-side Object Model does that.
You can look at REST API plugin sources for example.

Another approach is to copy project-related files within TeamCity Data Directory. Take a look at Yegor's instructions.



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