Migrating from internal storage engine to ms sql2005

I am running the maintainDB.cmd and get an error aying 'Source database not specified and not found'.  Does anyone know where I can give this information?

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I think this is related to your previous question about environment variables.
Please take a look at MaintatinDB.cmd output:

TeamCity maintenance tool. Copyright 2010 JetBrains s.r.o. All Rights Reserved. Command line arguments: migrate -T database.properties.new Using TeamCity data directory: C:\Users\michael.kuzmin\.BuildServer Cannot proceed with 'migrate' command: Source database not specified and not found. Critical error has occurred during command execution.

Does it point to actual data directory? If not, it means the tool still cannot find  TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH variable.

Easier way may be to specify it right in parameters, like

maintainDB.cmd migrate -T database.properties.new -A \TeamCity\.BuildServer

Let me know on results.

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Hi Michael

I got this working by setting a further couple of environment variables TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH (to .BuildServer directory) and TEAMCITY_APP_DIR (webapps\root)

I don't understand why I need to set all these really as I have my Team City install in the default place and if these environment variables should be set for the migrateDB to work thwn they should put it in the documentation for migrating to external database!  Fortunately I found a forum discussion where someone else had run into same issues as me.  I also had to set an environment variable before I had this particular issue for JAVA_HOME (even though I am using java runtime that is installed with team city!)

Thanks though, your answers were helpful.


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Yeah, I agree that's not clear enough.
We have such request TW-12704 in our tracker, and I linked this thread there.

Thanks for feedback!


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