LDAP and local admin acct?

We're just about to try to setup LDAP authentication for TC 5.0 enterprise.

So far we've created a few admin accounts on the TC server - and had everyone else monior via a guest login.

But we'd like people to be emailed when they break the build.

If we enable LDAP - can we still have a few local accounts on the TC server to act as the admins?

Or what is the easiest way to enable administration accts - and LDAP for the general population?

If possible - can you please reply by posting and email to swilliam@ciena.com?


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Hi Steve

TeamCity uses a single directory of user accounts. If you enable LDAP integration, then all the users are authenticated by this new way.
But you can still grant administrative right to some of them.

We have TW-4524 request for mixed mode. You can vote for it, and comment why current behavior doesn't work in your case.



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