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I have an issue with the maven.jar that we package and let the TeamCity server update all the agents where the permissions for "mvn" is not preserved.  I know jar files don't preserve permissions but even when I make it into a instead they aren't preserved.  What are my options here?  Can I update the to do a chmod 755 plugins/maven/bin/mvn?  Is there a way to have these permissions preserved somehow?  If I wanted to update the that gets pushed to all the agent boxes when TeamCity server wants to update it where is the that gets pushed to all the agents?  When you update a plugin does it do " stop" and " start"?  Any help would be great.


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Please try creading a build configuration to update permissions on agent. You may run a build configuration on all agents with custom run dialog.

I failed an issue at, please vote for it.


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Yes, I could create a builder to set this permission but how I could ensure it gets run directly after agents restart or after the TeamCity server updates the agents?

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Good question. There is no such support in TeamCity. The only chance is to emulate it.

You may create dependency for it. (You may require dependency to run on the same agent)

Another workaround is to add a build step to the build configuration to patch the flag.

Another approach is to use another maven distribution with property patched files (locally on agent).
To spread the distribution amoung agents you may create a build configuration.


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