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I am trying to do the following.Not sure if anyone has tried this.

(1) check out the source code from an svn repository. ( All the source updates are captured in the "Changes" tab )
(2) Do a build
(3) If the build is successful do nothing else
(4) If however the build fails, revert the source to the previous revision
     The next time the build starts, the source gets checked out from the previous revision onwards.
     The source updates get's captured in the "Changes" tab. There could be additional files from the ones listed in step 1.
     This will continue until a successful build happens.

Is this possible to do this with TeamCity.



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Hi Laurence

TeamCity has a Pre-Tested Commit feature, that allows to run all the tests, and commit changes to Subversion after they passed successfully.
It gives the same result as you need, but works in opposite direction and more robust, as you don't need to revert changes.



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