How to publish information from a script to be picked up by an email notifier

I have a very simple TeamCity build project that checks perforce and runs a single python script. The users will be looking to receive a lot of information by email, only some of which seems to be available to the email notifier.

Is there an easy way for my python script to leave messages to be picked up by the notifier in an ftl macro?

In particular, can an artifact be somehow splayed directly into the email notifier?

Looking at the documentation for sBuild, I tried build.fileContent but I guess that's not part of ftl's hash version of the sBuild object.

Severe apologies for being a clear TeamCity newbie.



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Hi Luke,

Do I understand you correctly that you want to include some of the build log messages into email body?
If yes, you can vote for request, which is partially implemented (you can call SBuild.getBuildLog() method and filter the desired message).

For a build artifact - the answer is no, not out-of-the-box. But there's always a possibility to write the extension that will populate this data to be rendered in a FreeMarker template.


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Thanks. I have now investigated putting build log comments into the notifier, and I find it very helpful.



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