Why is this build trigger pattern ignored?

I have the following build trigger pattern setup for a project, but TeamCity builds the project even when I think changes should be ignored. Here is the trigger pattern

The build is triggered when I check in a project named "AllProjects.sln" to the root, but shouldn't that change be ignored because it does not match the build pattern? Are the periods in the folder names gumming things up because they are interpretted as willcards? Event so, "AllProjects.sln" does not match "Ceoimage*". What am I misunderstanding?

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Any ideas on why this build trigger seems to be ignored?

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Sorry for long the delay. The question is still actual with latest TeamCity release?

Kind regards,

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I think that you might want to start it with

to ignore everything, and then all the +: add the ones you want to look at.

I'm assuming that the -:. isn't implicit.

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As mentioned in the doc

When entering rules please note that as soon as you enter any "+" rule, TeamCity will remove the default "include all" setting. To include all the files, use "+:." rule.

If you experience any problems - let me know, and we'll troubleshoot them.


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