TeamCity runs a FinalBuilderProject with Signtool

Hi there,

we try to build a FinalbuilderProject with TeamCity.
the FBproject does some Subversion-actions, build a VS2010 project twice(debug&release)
and sign the builded files via a fileset named "FertigeDLLs" .
if i run the fbproject by itself, the signtool works fine, so i think the problem is only in the TeamCity-CI.

error-output are the following lines

[11:48:50]:     [Signtool Sign Files Test]
[11:48:51]:       Command Line: signtool.exe sign c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Debug\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Debug\Solarschmiede.Helper.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Debug\Solarschmiede.Interface.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Debug\Solarschmiede.Serialisation.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Debug\Solarschmiede.Sprache.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Debug\Solarschmiede.Typ.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Debug\Solarschmiede.Verschattung.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Release\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Release\Solarschmiede.Helper.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Release\Solarschmiede.Interface.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Release\Solarschmiede.Serialisation.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Release\Solarschmiede.Sprache.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Release\Solarschmiede.Typ.dll c:\tmp\Solarschmiede.Dachzeichnung\\Release\Solarschmiede.Verschattung.dll
[11:48:52]:       SignTool Error: No certificates were found that met all the given criteria.
[11:48:53]:       Number of errors: 1
[11:48:54]:       Action Failed

[11:48:51]: start of the Signtool . just after the fileset: "FertigeDLLs" has been created without failures.
[11:48:52]: the error

also if i give the signtool-action the "/a"-parameter(to choose the best certificate) it is not working...
on Hudson-CI and FinalBuilderServer the error does not occure, bytheway.

I hope we will find a solution for this.

last but not least some information about mine:
TC-Version: 6.0.2 (build 15857) (updated this morning)

Windows: Win7 32bit
WebClient: Firefox 3.6.13

Thanks for your help

Greeting from Germany


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Please check the user account you use to run build agent service. If the account is right, please make sure you have all necessary certificates imported to that account.


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