TeamCity did a reset last night

I only have a limited set of information right now but should be getting more soon.
What I know is that our version of teamcity (standalone 3.1.2 ) ran out of memory last night. The server admin
used to stop/start scripts to bring it back up and when it did it seemed to have reverted to an earlier default state.
The build count number has reset to
The 30+ projects we had no longer appear, in fact there seems to be only 1 "test" project in the main right now.
Another thing we noticed is that the license has reverted from Enterprise to Professional, We purched the Enterprise
license a while back and I'm scrabling to find it. I've also emailed Jetbrains support about retrireving that as well.
I am able to login as an admin to TC but not into the hosting machine itself. I'm hoping to get more visibility very soon.
Does anyone know what might be the problem? I'm really hoping not to have to set up all the projects again once I find the license key.

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Most likely the restarted TeamCity server now uses different .BuildServer directory:

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That was it! And everything came back to normal once the server was restarted.
Also got a copy of our license from Jetbrains. Excellent service!
Thanks again!


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