Is it possible to track time to fix failed builds?

Hello all,

My team has been happily implementing CI for the last couple months with TeamCity. I particularly like the statistics tab (which I'm not sure existed the last time I used TeamCity). I noticed that there is a "time to fix failed tests" chart, but is there any way to track the time to fix failed builds? It seems like it would be useful to track the total amount of time your build is in a failed state for any reason (whether a compiler error, a TC configuration problem, or a test).

Assuming this functionality isn't already implemented in TC (and hiding somewhere), could I produce this kind of chart with a custom chart or would it probably take a plugin?




Actually, we are in doubt on how useful is the "time to fix tests" chart, so the idea did not get any further development for some time. Do you find it useful? Any improvements suggestions?

As to buids, there is no such chart so far (you are welcome to add a feature request into our tracker on it).Please detail why you need it and what you need to be displayed on it.

For a custom implementaiton it will require writing a custom plugin to add such chart into TeamCity.


Hi Yegor,

No, I wouldn't say that I find the "Time to fix tests" a very useful chart. I know our management is more interested in how long the build takes to go back from red to green, not why it failed in particular.

Thanks for the answer, though. I'll add my feature request to the tracker.

-Eric Diamond


Same here about management wanting to know how long it took for the build to go from red to green.  Where is the feature request so I can vote?




Seems, it is not yet filed. You can do this in our tracker.
Please describe in detailwhy do you need this and how do you imagine the feature to  be used.


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