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I'm trying to better understand how TC works with svn externals. I have the following SVN setup:

       svn:externals to modules (these have -r on them)

The VCS Root set to master/trunk (with full external support). I have a VCS build trigger rule:


In my tests, I make a change to module1 and then update the external version in master/trunk/modules. From what I can gather, TC can correctly pick up changes to trunk/modules when the svn:externals property changes, but it doesn't know whether module1 or module2 changed. Am I understanding that correctly?

It also seems I cannot set checkout rules that traverse externals. So for example, a checkout rule like this,


does not work.

Using TC 6.0.2.
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Hi Paul

By default Subversion externals are ignored, but you can change this in VCS root settings - switch it to Full support, and then TeamCity starts to monitor changes there.

There is a known issue with checkout rules - TW-5904. As suggested in comments, a workarround is to attach additional VCS root to the build configuration explicitly.



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